Senior girl and freshman boy dating Senior girl and freshman boy dating

Senior girl and freshman boy dating

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He may be safe I was the senior girl that dated a freshman! We've had "the talk" and I don't believe he is sexually active.

Could it be to boost her ego? March 31, Age: I regret nothing in my past. Irinya Offline I claim them all. Talk with your son.

Here are the states where it might be considered statutory rape: Keep the communication open, but don't keep pressing your son. Halo reach juggernaut matchmaking am sure your son is just really nice to her and he likes her attention. I always seem to smile every time I see her smile. I have met her and she's a nice gal but too old for my kid in my opinion!

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Not in my state He sounds very much like my ds was in h. Chances are from my experience that you won't mess senior up. I wouldn't count on the fact your son is not seeing this girl outside school.

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But I thought more about why that made me girl and, and I couldn't find a single reason other than "societal norms", which I think is a pretty crappy reason.

He's pretty much the most amazing guy I've ever met and I don't want to mess anything up.

He wouldn't have the opportunity to see her alone outside of school. I may have failed to mention in my OP that the co-worker that told me this story is a drama queen and always trying to stir up gossip.

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Could be no more than the freshman holding and hands on hips, but good communication will help! I guess I'll find out later! You still have all of highschool to go through, when she's in her senior year and needs to start thinking about graduation, post-secondary education, living expenses, income, and things like that.

I asked DS if he liked this girl for more than a friend and they were holding hands if he would tell me. It depends on the girl and her group of friends. I am a bit afraid. I never got picked on, thats for sure. By the boy dating, he dating marshall cabs goes to his sporting events and to his buddy's house sometimes and can't even drive.

Will he be embarrassed? She has never called, come over, etc. But I'm not going to ask him out. Is she a nice person?

In my situation, we had a pretty tame relationship that was a lot of fun. Such a beautiful name!

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And it's worked fine.