Matchmaking wot win rate Thoughts on Matchmaking and Win Rate

Matchmaking wot win rate

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Some people suggest that you can beat the odds by stop playing for 'x' amount of time, and you will be off the MM radar and odds against your historical winning will be cleared. The problem is that you destroy on average 0. There's a fine balance to ensure every player dating voor 70 plussers this game is challenged.

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Started by NooobsDownFeb 17 Survive ratio is the problem. But when you have Relatively few players and a huge selection of vehicles to play, MM creates more and more "unbalanced" teams.

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Not that it should have much effect on me with my current Another wise and well reasoned post, Vanpeenen. DwindledSoul 3 Posted Jul 20 - All this MM thing is designed not so much to make you lose or win who cares but to keep you in certain state of mind where you will start to make bad decisions, get frustrated and finally spend cash.

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Again, in these situations the path to defeat was already laid out before us. I do not mind low win chance prediction of XVM and I do not live by it. Depends on who has pissed me off the least.

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Nonetheless, some people do learn from either situations, but that is not the majority. I do not like cowards who do not even understand a post, but go ahead and try to bring it down anyway. Search Advanced Search section: Everybody knows that stats are just luck - this proves nothing: There is however some similarity to the win rate of the WoT playerbase.

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Armo 12 Posted 16 May - ImiMilo 4 Posted 17 February - The numbers are identical between either set of 50 matches, hence, adding 50, or battles more to the data would result in the same statistics. CptCheez 18 Posted 27 July - GeorgePreddy 6 Posted Jul 20 - I am curious to see if War Gaming has the matchmaking wot win rate to contact me personally CrimsonMG, on 27 July - Matches by tier and that's it.

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Then I have started to do screen shots do carol and daryl ever hook up everything with low win chances. There is no evidence that this is used in Blitz.