Dating rosary beads Rosaries - Buying and Collecting

Dating rosary beads

At "The Yankee Lady's Chapel" http: Certain center medals and crucifixes were popular during certain decades, dating twice divorced man were certain types of chain. Metal marks found on the bail, crucifix or center medal can be helpful, but some older rosaries contain no mark at all.

Gutta Percha is a natural latex that began to be used in the mid's for everything from jewelry to wire insulation to furniture and golf balls! Early crucifixes and medals have mold imperfections, and won't always be symmetrical.

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Check for dating rosary indicators of age. What's it made of?

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The standard 5 bead rosary will always have 59 beads. Share Recent Posts Walking with Philippians: A rosary should speak to your bead. A rosary with a plastic crucifix and plastic beads strung on cord isn't going to be worth that much -- unless the seller has proof of something that makes it worthwhile.

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Does it look worth what the seller wants? Another great site is The Rosary Workshop.

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Look at their museum for examples of antique to contemporary rosaries of importance. Click on the image below to flip through the magazine!

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The smaller beads in the groups of 10 are called the Ave beads, the larger separating beads are Paters. Nineteenth century rosary makers known as Patermosterers made rosaries using seeds, wood, bone, Irish horn, coral, amber, mother of pearl and precious metal filigrees.

Collecting Antique Rosaries

The "emerald" in the title might become "emerald crystals" typically a high-quality plastic or glass in the description. Pillow crucifixes were made of ebony or leather set dating the back and the corpus the body of Christ. Rosaries - Buying and Collecting. How the rosary grew from a simple pebble to a string of wooden beads - to gemstones - yet know - it is the prayer of the heart that matters and not the substance of the bead.

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Lighter weight stamped medals were also commonly used before Examine the rosary's beads. Information about antique and vintage jewelery in general can be found in many sources but it is difficult to find a lot of information specifically about antique and vintage rosaries. Her grand-daughter who came to visit her said they all had several of these little newspaper ball rosaries, and cherished them so.

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You may use these HTML tags and attributes: Pictures of a younger Mary were likely made after this rosary. A well cared for antique may look like it is new, while something purchased last week and given and antiqued can look ancient.

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If the description gives the datewhat the seller may be going by is the date at the bottom of the centerpiece -- the Miraculous Medal, created in Before you start collecting, get an idea of what sort of rosary you want is crystal okay or do you only want semi-precious stones and the basic price range you're willing to go is 9.

This gives you a jumping off point. What is the difference between "antique" and "vintage"? Is there a picture of it?

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