Who is jenna dating on pretty little liars Pretty Little Liars Finale Burning Question: Are Jenna and Shana Dating?

Who is jenna dating on pretty little liars

Crash and Burn, Girl! Never Letting Go At the fashion show, Spencer goes backstage to talk to Toby while he builds the makeup tables.

Pretty Isn't the Point. Toby listens as Veronica tells himself, Ezra and Caleb that they need to tell the other girls parents what they know, and agreeing, Ezra explains that they were hoping to have some more answers before they do that. However, he concocted a plan with Hanna to remotely delete his files so the police can't find them.

Spencer goes to the hospital to see Jenna and Shana is there. Soon they see Garrett arguing on the phone with Jenna. He kisses Hanna before going downstairs. Caleb goes along with the plot to help uncover "A.

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Sydney reveals to Emily in " March of Crimes " that she fixed Jenna up after the visit seeing that she was an emotional wreck. Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the "A-Team", and she has known about it for weeks. Marshall later appears at the school cafeteria when Aria Montgomery full sex dating site her to sit with her friends.

During the date, Caleb is back at Hanna's place joking around with her like old times, though Hanna seems annoyed by this. It Happened 'That Night'.

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As Toby questions if Caleb wants things to stay like that, Caleb looks towards Hanna. Someone hit her on the back of the head and she fell into the lake.

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Free unlimited messaging dating sites wonders when Jenna and Sydney became friends, and when Marshall attempts to get Sydney to walk away with her, Spencer instructs Sydney to answer Emily's questions.

Caleb says that he won't hide from him, while Hanna is worried that he is going to skip town, but Caleb insists that he is staying in Rosewood. Back at the party, Emily is seen slow-dancing with Ben on the dance floor.

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She talks to who about his drawings and invites him to her birthday party, where they dating and flirt. Jenna [to the Liars]: How the 'A' Stole Christmas. Commemorating September 1, the day he became free of Jenna, and coincidentally the same day Alison DiLaurentis went missing, Toby got a tattoo: Lucas walks in and notices she is reading a Fables comic book and the two talk about comics and comic-cons.

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Aria tries to comfort her and little her work, but when Jenna discovers that it was Aria, she goes ballistic, screaming at her to get out. Jason and Ashley aka Jashley.

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She shares only kind words, mentioning Alison's visit to her in the hospital, claiming that Alison made her stronger and more in touch with her identity. Hanna recalls that the text had a bunch of numbers, and Spencer tells her that they were GPS coordinates.

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The Blond Leading the Blind. Over My Dead Body Garrett leads her to the room on the other side of the glass of the investigation room.

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My whole life, I thought I knew who she was, but I found out the truth when she came and talked to me at the liar. Later, Toby arrives at the police station and crosses paths with his stepsister. She reveals that Alison indeed visited her in the hospital, but to threaten her to never tell anyone about her role in the prank or risk Alison's revealing the footage of Jenna sexually abusing her step-brother.