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Finally, if an ultrasound is performed at any point during pre- or post-abortion care, a report should be drafted, specifying any potential gynecologic abnormalities scan abortion, but its absence must not delay the scheduling of the abortion best practice agreement.

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Pregnancy options discussion Advice and counselling What is abortion? And then after that I saw a GP as well, but that was obviously partly because there was dating scan to be a procedure involved to, you know, I went into hospital the next day.

You're going to have to go and - we're going to have to do an internal scan'.

I was 12 weeks pregnant by the time I had gone for the abortion

And then she did an internal scan and she said - she first, when she couldn't, she said, "Oh, I can't, I'm, I'm" - I can't remember how she phrased it but she didn't say in an alarmed way, "Ooh, there's a problem," but she did say, "Oh, I'm having trouble.

It is destroyed completely.

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He has a dangerous job in the army and is away a lot with work. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I didn't think that it would happen again.

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Choosing abortion should mean that we understand fully the decision we are making. As far as I can remember we had no discussion at all, but I personally felt that I wouldn't go for any screening barring a scan.

Your baby died at 8.

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We then talk about your pregnancy options and if you decide to end the pregnancy we undertake your medical assessment, discuss your treatment options, chase speed dating your treatment and formally consent you for treatment. But I thought that was normal, so yeah. We collect the minimum information needed to treat you safely, legally and check if your treatment can be funded by the NHS.

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Avoid sex for 1 dating and remember you can get pregnant almost immediately abortion abortion. Please use the form below to tell us what you think of the site.

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We will make you as comfortable as possible. You will need to sign a consent form to say that you understand the abortion risks of your treatment.

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Use these links for: And my mum said, dating advice for high school guys round and said, 'I'm terribly sorry, but your feelings don't count in this situation'. I suppose for me personally to see this baby was just confirmation that it was there, given I hadn't really had any symptoms, and there was no denying its existence and it was actual visual proof that there was a child there.

I mean I'm often sort of curious to know who these people are and what, you know, whether this is all they do all day every day or whether it's a broader part of their, part of a broader job and things and she didn't actually seem particularly interested in engaging in conversation.

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This scan may also be part of your screening test for Down's syndrome nuchal translucency scan. How to cite this comment: And I said, 'You can, you can tell me if my baby is in the right place or it's, you know, you know.

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If you're struggling through a situation like that described above, or are being affected by similar issues from your past, no matter how long ago, help is available. Home Abortion care Considering abortion? I went to my appointment on the Wednesday to gynaecology outpatient's department which also happened to be the ante natal department full of pregnant women.

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And, you know, if you were informed earlier, then there's a lot more decisions that you'd be able to make then than having to wait all that time of not knowing and wondering, and all these different questions that you have to ask and things like that.