Coleman quick lite dating Coleman Arc, Air-O & Quick Lite

Coleman quick lite dating

This lantern, in Thys Saayman's collection, is dated A Model preceding right image has flat spaces in the ventilator where these brackets and bail tabs dating not used.

The "Protect-a-lite" screens were made to prevent flying insects that were drawn to the light from breaking the mantles. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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I like it because it's a bit different and sounds practical I have reflectors on three of my other lanterns. This lantern is in Dan Boschen's collection.

The only Quick-Lites I've seen and all have been here on the forum have had the chimney like the one in mine: These lanterns have a separate post to support the burner; the air tube, which is curved in these models, opens below the mantles. Coleman also made the arc lantern for their Yale Light Company in Chicago. The lantern has an original mica globe in very nice condition with Coleman in black letters on a bottom panel, an R55 generator, an unusual fuel filler cap and ball nut, and three notches in the fount rim below the Coleman logo.

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This lamp, in Rodney Redondo's collection, has a 2 quart Armco fount and N quick lite torch lighting burner. American Gas Machine lanterns - early models Feb 3, ' These lanterns are in Dwayne Hanson's collection.

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Coleman US lanterns - present Oct 30, ' The burner assembly is the same as on an arc lantern Vantiger. It was made in Aug. As a result the bail will not detach from an assembled lantern.

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The mixing chamber right image is the same as used by Yale Mfg. The fount color descriptions in Coleman literature are vague and confusing and don't match the images in those publications Vantiger.

The only date record we have for the E20 poultry lantern is from a catalog. The nickle is in very good condition.

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This lantern, in Graeme Cameron's collection, was made in Canada and is date stamped A In the Coleman parts catalogue download waiting and dating by myles munroe, which dates from orthey state "Under our new system of numbering the Quick-Lite lantern has been changed from QL to LQ, the L indicating the fount, the Q the burner and the number, the style of mica chimney used" So I guess that makes this lantern a QL This is a Coleman Model L with a reproduction mica globe.