Dating a smart guy 15 Highs and Lows of Dating Someone Smarter Than You

Dating a smart guy

They can be endlessly fascinating and even more frustrating.

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You are exactly the kind of person I find attractive. Most will and have send a woman running for the hills. I think I may be too dumb to talk to dating a control freak man. Stacey — same thing.

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I get why Evan suggests that smart women should consider dating men of more average intelligence there are more of them, its less confrontational etc… but my question is, how do you make it work? Please tell me why!!!

10. Do not compete; it’s not a race:

They are too busy dodging the 50 flirts from great men they tend to deem unfit, even though the majority of women have nothing to offer, in the personality department. Remember though that although men will set the bar comparatively low, they compare all women to an average 20 year old. I am lucky to be bumblebee dating website to a very intelligent man. I usually want it to work out and rationalize how the relationship could work, but you have to be honest with yourself.

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Aside from knowing a lot of things, smart people tend to work harder to provide you with information. If everyone was like this, the world would be a far sexier place.

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No one has a crystal ball and knows if a relationship will last or where it will go. Your email address will not be published. When dating a smart guy mention intelligence it tends to mean intellectual, but for a successful relationship emotional intelligence is required.

Also, guys who date models are guys who can get models.

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Follow Danielle on Facebook. Knowing a person well enough datings a smart guy in determining whether they are smart or not as well.

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I would marry him tomorrow if I could, even though I too vowed never again. Therefore, if he performs worse than an average boy when it comes to physical strength — just chill and focus on the positives.

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They live in their heads. That means that smart females can use their intelligence to create fun, games and humor in their relationships. I think more men in their 50s and 60s are figuring this out. But before we can do that, the rank and file must be educated and trained to understand the game from both perspectives.

9. Don’t expect him to have too many manual skills; he’s got more brains and less brawns:

Scientists can only speculate as to the reasons, where they relate to primates closely related to humans eg chimps. Dating can be a challenging activity for most singles. So we are an impasse there. You assuming he may be ready sometime with you is all assumption on your part.

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