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Sorry to say this but your full of it, firstly girls wont even talk to ya if ya have your profile pic hidden, secondly you female friend would find some one with no prob on there because shes a girl. Saturday, Nov 4th 5-Day Forecast. Not the type you would consider hot.

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Many of the woman that turned me down are still on here two years later complaining they cant find a real and genuine person. Some of the attractive girls put little as possible on their profile.

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He sat down and said 'I'm married, well we share the same house which we're selling. So their structure is aimed at making people go premium simply out of desperation if they really want to contact someone. I would get out more, but having finish study I dont' have much of a network for going out and meeting people ethics dating your doctor most of my female friends aren't around no more shakes fist.

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Girls then accepting you then never being on there. Its just not something I do because I am strictly my own person and don't allow any compromise on that.

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In fact, it seems nobody at Oasis are even bothered to be aware of this issue. And thus, here is my profound message to sign off: I have worked my bum off for what I have And for the record i know im a average looking guy, i dont have high standards and go for "average girls" however they oasis dating me as well.

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Like I sight, raggedy women collate on this site. Nice girls just not for me. Keep trying and keep getting rejected?

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The people who accept me say like one or two words and makes you think why bother. Then she just never went on anymore. Not sure if that's better?

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I won't name the oasis dating so I don't sound biased Now I notice I get responses from genuine people because on paid sites people make an investment and there purpose is to actually meet someone. If you do get along in person and want to be friends or sight, go nuts!

I've made some new friends and I live in hope. Amongst all the changes, now you can only send 5 requests max to 5 people per day.


The other added me and sent me a message straight out saying thanks for adding her. Sure, I'm a little annoyed she's living 2 states away, but that's not the website's fault.

With any free service you are going to have to weigh the cost savings against the quality of services. Their tech support refuses to answer my emails for an explanation. Its a terrible site.

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And like you the girls asked me what my profession was even though i wrote it down on my profile lol: And as with others, i have a few friends who have really good success with oasis, they get girls to send them naked photos of themselves and root them and leave them. My sister was on oasis active but left because she had enough of all the guys who thought they were the hottest thing on the planet because they were extremely fat and pretended like it was all muscle.

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Sorry — im completly over it. Sounds like such a busy lady!