5 foot girl dating 6 foot guy When I see a 5'0 girl with a 6'4 dude, how does that even work?

5 foot girl dating 6 foot guy

Some will come from the mother and some from the father. I like short guys Are you an "Ally" to short guys? JediAnnihilatorFeb 25, I'm not crucifying you for that even though you should know by now how horrible short men are treated in society.

Spanish, super hot, tall, a little older, rich Nothing wrong with having short kids.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I'm worried about whether it can work with such a height difference and also of the long term side of things like having short kids! But i love the logistics of being closer in height.

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You do know that, even if you have kids with a tall person, your kids could still wind up short, right? No linking to specific threads in other forums.

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No misogyny, misandry, transphobia, ageism, racism, general assholery, invalidation, or otherwise hateful or disrespectful commentary. Don't do this to her, she deserves someone actually committed to her and crazy about her. I'm not lying when I say I like dating short guys.

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Am 5'2" and my most recent exes were 6 and 6'4". We are that kind of age. What should we call you? Not because I hate short guys. That was good times. We've been dating for a few months, and I'm just considering my options down the track.

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Also it's nice in crowds. TheNewCharlieFeb 25, I'm considering dating and malta speed dating a long term relationship with a girl who is 14 inches shorter than me.

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You're here arguing against the single most important reason tall men shouldn't get serious with short women. Also, their daughter, who is 2.

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Don't have an account? Log in or sign up in seconds. Sex works, even 69s work. Go for it dude, if you like her. Where there's a will, there's a way. We have flair for men, women, trans folks, and gender neutral people.