Hummel figurine dating Hummel Marks & Trademarks Reference Guide - Date and Authenticate Your Hummel Figurine

Hummel figurine dating

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The information in this article is a concise dating of all W. Generally the mark was placed under the glaze from and hummel figurine the glaze The "bumblebee" symbol, to honor the memory of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, was reinstated to the TM8 hummel figurine trademark. Sometimes there are "Double Crowns" with one incised and the other stamped under the glaze. Condition and rarity will affect the value, however, so when buying a Hummel shakira dating nadal look carefully for the two marks of its authenticity; the M I Hummel signature on the side of the base and the Goebel backstamp.

Hummel incised on the backside for authentication.

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From to the V as well as the bee were removed from the design. In the yearthe beginning of a new Millennium, the trademark was once again changed. Home Latest Updates Careers. A R appearing beside the trademark stands for "Registered". The Goebel name and Germany remained and the W.

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Hummel collectors have noted that it is not unusual to find slight variations of these authentic trademarks. To find out how old your Hummel figurine is, look on the underside and find the Goebel stamp or makers mark. Generally the mark was placed under the glaze from and is found placed over the glaze These display pieces are subject and theme integrated into former and newly introduced Hummel figurine displays.

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The only item that remains is the name Goebel, but they added a very large Bumblebee. The original "crown" has been added to the TM7 trademark. All of these markings are considered to be of the same importance as TMK-1 crown marks by collectors. Hummel items, not realizing that the mark included the full scope of Goebel products.

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From the first figurine in until the following 3 trademarks were used. The "wide-crown-WG" trademark was used on the first M.

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Not all Goebel products are Hummels, but Goebel makes all Hummels. Inthe completely stylized bee with V mark came into use, appearing with "W. These backstamps are TMK Compare the trademark on the base hook up north bay your Hummel to the date stamp chart below. This mark is the official trademark of Goebel. A new trademark was introduced and ran concurrent with TMK You are using an outdated browser. Between and the company occasionally used a C inside a circle beside a W within a G mark, this was stamped or incised on the edge of the base.

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Always remember that the first thing to check on Hummel figures … is the presence of the Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel signature mark as pictured above. Some current production figurines still have this incised circle even though it is no longer used for that purpose.

Hummel Marks from TMK-1 to TMK-8

Other Goebel products will bear a different mark than that used on Hummel pieces. Germany" to the rightit appeared above the "West Germany" and to the left of the "three line mark" mids to All prototypes must still have the Convent approval before being produced. Hummel German Porcelain pieces for sale Now! Hummel Goebel Merry Wanderer Figurine Here beautifully colored and detailed display units are made for Goebel in China.