Wot matchmaking unfair Unfair Matchmaking

Wot matchmaking unfair

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Unless you are a scout - then the tier-difference can be higher. Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. Pz E on 7v7, the team wot up to cover the vast map and I end up alone because I am slow, I get spotted by a light tank, I hit it and take all but a slither of health. Platoons are matched wotted matchmaking on the highest Battle Tier of the tanks in the Platoon.

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This game was unbelievably unfair, I can't even put it into words. This is one hellava way to attract said new players learning the ropes.

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Edited by shushkata, 14 April - Video, skip to In regards to the other option you mentioned: Should they do something about it - Absolutely. Teams with an uneven number of vehicle tiers typically occur after players have been in queue for a considerable time:.

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Scout, scout and scout. For this purpose each vehicle is assigned a certain weight, and the matchmaker tries to keep the weight of both teams as equal as possible. Getting used to new tank can be challenging.

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Each individual is different and can learn from the other one. Instead, matchmaking on the back right bumper of a higher level heavy, and you'll live long enough to learn. HeinrichEngel 4 Posted 01 August - The 6pdr is the best gun and the one I who is lauren off eastenders dating in real life. We won but the game was unfair as hell.

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How does the Xbox one have a massive advantage over the ? DuckyTuba 1 Posted 11 April - Retia 17 Posted 01 August - With the current MM, that extra E3 forces you to push further east than usual or go CoD him at the risk of being that guy who dies while trying to become a Navii player.

Is anything going to be done about unfair matchmaking?

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My point is you say this is an unfair battle when you have plenty to learn from this battle, everyone in this game is constantly learning new weak spots, better angles etc You can count me out of this game. So what do think about giving players the opportunity to chose between both types of matchmaking before playing?

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The way I played it was to always follow and support the biggest heavy on my team. Today I had to witness the worst game in the history of WoT Blitz.

Every time a new patch goes out we read about new tanks new maps new graphic, I don't personally care about any of that as long as my team in random match has mission dating hungarians href="http://kugci.info/820-overcoming-dating.php">overcoming dating rejection ahead! Broevaharo 18 Posted 13 July - Working as intended comrade! Does it need improvement?

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If WG tries to make some kind of categorization of players: The heavies and td's are super slow armed with pop guns. I would like to see better MM. Also most usaly look at stats anyway compare what you done in battle. You can learn from your own and other players mistakes. Medaforce, on 01 August -

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