Can you hook up powered speakers to an amplifier Can you use active speakers with a powered mixer?

Can you hook up powered speakers to an amplifier

Thanks for the info, i'll make sure that rear pre-outs are included in the spec when i'm deciding which receiver to get.

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Your nickname or email address: Mar 7, Messages: Like was said above, most boards will have a line out of some sort that can be sent to external amps, effects, or powered cabs. One of my rigs uses a powered board and I often use the mixer to drive the mains and some small powered cabs for the monitors.

Can you use active speakers with a powered mixer?

As using the monitors would only be a stop-gap I guess I could just "retire" the stereo amp until I get some proper speakers for the rears. Is there no way that ordinary speaker cable could be connected up to any my KRK's inputs?

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Standard phone cables have a single core unbalancedbut dedicated speaker cables with long distance relationship dating sites cores are used for power amplifiers and passive speakers. Don't pump speaker level signal into something that was not meant to have speaker signal into it or you may release the magic smoke from the device.

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We did it before we retired the powerd mixer to a practice setup and went with separates for gigs. Next, when looking at a speaker's can you sheet, use the power rating PGM value and impedance value as a reference.

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The mixer output can connect directly to the powered speaker, so there are less cables required. Before we did that, we actually added a amplifier amp for the subs and ran the mains and monitors off the powerd mixer.

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When bridged and used in monaural mode, the single PGM output will be appropriate for a W speaker at 8 ohms. Dec 29, Messages: Never did pick up the SRMs, but I did pick up a 16 channel powered mixer.

The output wattage will change in this hook.

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Most have a line out after the mixer. For example, if 8-ohm CBR10 speakers are connected in parallel, the impedance will be 4 ohms; and if these speakers are used with the PS, the output will be W. Never use a microphone or instrument cable to connect a power amplifier to speakers, as this could generate heat.

It is more that it lacks the way of switching inputs.

What are power amplifiers?

Some speaker types might use the monitor send to feed powered speakers as mains and use the main speaker outs of a powered mixer to feed their passive monitors. Login or Sign Up Log in with.

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I'd like to use a pair of SRM s as either the mains or as a pair of monitors. So, power is definitely a consideration depending on your application Subs require dating sites in macon ga power than powered mixers typically provide.

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Connecting a microphone or instrument to a mixer using a speaker cable could cause noise. What kind of powered mixer is it?

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