Why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad MODERATORS

Why is world of tanks matchmaking so bad

And im not even half upgraded nor do I use any equipment for it. Plus I had a match against 2 tier 10 and 1 tier 9 alone, I wasnt even cracking andkilled them all. Thing is, there just seems to be way too many tanks that can't provide a supportive role when bottom tier, especially when stock.

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Started by MarsAtlantisSeptember 8, Content may vary and can contain tank community created content as well. The matchmaker has to change to make games more balanced. This isn't diablo or something.

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SargentOddBall 6 Posted Apr 20 - ZULU40, on 26 February - Prehaps even adding a way to choose your own map Edited by Swagerlicous, 01 December - Like their understanding of the game Plus if I ever worry about that I just switch to my tier 8 premium tanks and print some more silver world. I could be wrong but that is what it seems. He was being downvoted for whatever reason so How do you know youre dating a loser tried to answer his questions.

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I have been grinding tier 7 tanks, heavies and TDs recently. It's not a challenge when the MM pits you against foes you can't penetrate and that can take a chunk out of your behind in 1 shot.

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I learned from other players, you might learn a thing or two, who knows. What should they do, tell everybody, sorry you can't play right now there isn't that matchmaking balance. A proper stock team can destroy a band of fully upgraded noobs into bits.

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I have no problems with mm myself. How bold you are from afar.

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Had to put the tank in the garage for the night. Match your matchmaking with your platoonmate.

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Add me on Xbox if you wanna play together, my gamertag is Blaneblane. I waited for x minutes just for this?

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There's so much unenlightened material here you'll only finally get it from experience. Ah, so your from PC, where it's different?

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But I will say please please don't fail platoon. Fosknow 11 Posted 12 September - Wow you really can't see why matchmaking weighs from the highest tier in the platoon?

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I just wish something was done to limit players that have just started a new tank and others that simply can't play a video game to save their life from those that are semi-decent, and those that are above average.

Does buying premium improve matchmaking, is that what this is a ploy for? Swagerlicous 19 Posted 01 December dating penticton It would make it soo much easier for everybody.

And this isn't the first time.

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Usually it just seems like they're one gun below fully upgraded, which isn't bad at all. Within the first minute of the match, you can predict the outcome of the battle just by looking at the tanks, platoons, and names on both teams, why by the first minute of the match when you look at where everyone on your team seems to be going if they all bad single file into the corner of the map or spread out and focus chokepoints.

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