Fruits basket dating quiz Who is your Fruits Basket Boyfriend?

Fruits basket dating quiz, sponsored links

What kind of personality would your boyfriend have?

I quiz really care, something fun i guess. Someone who's mature, but kinda klutzy and cute!

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Orange or yellow i guess. Who is your anime counter part? Blonde with brown eyes!! It doesnt matter to me.

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Someone who is quiet and shy, but very sweet and caring. Which "Dere" stereotype are you?

Light brown hair with deep brown eyes. What anime character are you the child of? Someone who can make me laugh!

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A movie, i guess. Who is your anime big brother? Anime Ship it or Rip it? What Anime Character are you? Ship or Rip anime version. Really long hair, with bright green eyes! Blue or something like that.

Multi-colored hair and peircings.

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Black hair that datings in fruit basket of his face. Which of these lucky guys will be yours? Ritsu makes me laugh! What attack on titan character are you?

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Wherever my bf wants to go Someone who would do anything for me. Who are you in Fairy Tail? Someone romantic and loving, but tons of fun t be around! Short, dark brown hair with dark eyes.

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Just over to my bf's house. Log in to add to the discussion.