Cannot enter matchmaking status locked heroes of the storm Status has been locked?

Cannot enter matchmaking status locked heroes of the storm

Clash for Char 9. OSC Championship Season 5.

Space Soldiers vs TBD. Thanks for the update, Solo. Investigating bnetd and S…. Site contains materials translated from mmo-champion. Why Koreans beat you on ladder huge flaw I clicked to rejoin, there was a short time of being stuck on the loadscreen again, and then I got thrown to the game menu.

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How am I doing? Played some Wolfenstein 2: Can you try deleting the Battle. I went offline, and came back in like 8 hours after that. Status has been locked?

IeSF World Championship ' Context of Flash's Professional Success. The response was as follows: On August 10 I've asked some people to look into this to see what we can find. Co-op Speedrunning Co-op Commander Guide: I'm unable to start any game in any mode now.

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Advertise with us Site contains materials belonging to Blizzard Entertainment. You can do that from the custom game thing,afaik. Is this a random bug, or is there any fast track way of fixing this? Having the same issue as Solo, although my globe and mail online dating was immediate.

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Luminosity Gaming vs Rise Nation. Losing Faith and Reigniting the Fire.

TouHou Project vs Invictus Gaming. I guess try to close the game and try to log in again until it works.

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It simple says in the chat: They aren't supposed to bump old threads though. We can try to look into the UI part and make sure it doesn't pop up when you're in a game until you cancel, or give a better message on why you're not able to enter the first game that the search found. If you have a router with a dynamic ip also restart it.

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As soon as I hear back I'll let you know the news! Log off and wait for x amount of mins. If you were originally in a game over 8 hours ago, I can almost guarantee that game is no longer going.

News Forums Blue tracker. Afreeca Starleague Season 4.

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FacebookRSSTwitter. I haven't found a fast solution yet. This happened to me once.