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They take your money and run,be very afraid! The no thanks option just stays idle.


I tried sending a message asking for it to be refunded the entire amount, or the difference. It says when you read the agreements and about the site that you can not see your flirts etc unless you upgrade. More like Sour Time, not Our Time. I left and never looked back. Still plenty left and still getting 3 or more mails weekly.

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I will not join another site after this experience. Single in the Suburbs and Searching for Love? I also found out more about him and I really think they should check everyone out before they let them on the site. It took jos dating site 5 min to sign up, I spent 5 min on it before I got a weird feeling about it, I tried to get a refund.

I joined the site in November of In May of I wished Larry a happy birthday and we started a conversation. I have to ask how can you trust any of the dating websites?

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All people get sick of the site they use and try something else hoping for a better outcome. Guess because I am a fairly good looking blonde and showed myself to be a business owner, they thought I was an easy mark.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to ensuring that all profiles on our site are authentic and genuine.

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Our Time is a scam. I was ready to join this site given the positive adshowever I guess I am a skeptic and thought it best to see what others thought. I was just scammed out of a lot of money.

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Many of them are way out age-wise too ours time dating search canada or way too old and whose interests and views do not dating websites for active singles with those receiving them. OurTime does have warts. All of the commentary here about the misleading nature of the site are true. So, why would the system set up deceiving the clients?

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I signed up for six months on this site. I thought this might be interesting, but I will not sign up because of the negative comments from the paying members. I called and they said it was because I was using a VPN private network.

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I am dating in real life only now, at least I can see the real person rather than a 10 year old photo and watch body language and hear tone of voice before deciding whether or not they are safe to meet. Go back to school and learn something. I am male and would say that there seem to be decent women on this site and the potential to meet someone meaningful appeared quite feasible.

Post-Divorce Dating Tips for Men. The two that did said this site is good at doing that.

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I would opt for one month, immediately opt out of the auto-renewal, and browse until it ran out. Just wanted money or iTunes cards. This business has very dubious billing practices.

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This should be very easy for them to create criteria to filter these ours time dating search canada obviously fake profiles out. To reset your password, please follow the instructions in the email. This site is filled with scammers…all wonderful God-fearing guys who make betweentoa year and who immediately ask for YOUR email address or text no.

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Twice my profile's been wiped out, and a customer service 'rep' told me last, that use of the term "e. Although it asks marital status, there is no way to narrow to those who are legally divorced or widowed.

Your heart is in your chest not between your legs ladies.

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