Dating sites for 2nd shift Relationships and Second Shift...Any ideas?

Dating sites for 2nd shift

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Or maybe organize a meet-up for 2nd shift people or advertise in Craigslist to see if there would be interest in a second shift meet-up. It's going to be the summer of Andrew!!! Apr 2, Worked mon to fri so I had the weekend open, even could play late on sun night. You must log in or sign up to shift here.

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I only meet women after 2AM. I'm on 2nd and it's not easy.

Yeah that sucks, I worked a dating sites once. Living near our Nation's Capitol since 2, posts, read 2, times Reputation: Phoenix, AZ 4, posts, 2nd 5, times Reputation: Because the little things count, people. TheVertApr 2, Nice hours, no management to worry about, excellent pay, and in 25 more years I'll have my 30 in to retire.

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Yes, sometimes I want to eat or shop later after work and everything's closed. I've even put it into my profile that I work 2nd shift because I can't leave my career that took 3 years just to get in the door.

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I hated working second shift hours. Apr 2, 9.

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Dating sites for 2nd shift. Where there is a executive online dating site there's a way. What makes you think that people on other shifts don't go through the same thing?

If you're stuck on topics, you just saw a movie, talk about it! It's not easy having someone in your life when your work hrs. Unless you work 2nd shift at a place like a restaurant that is filled with women who make bad decisions.

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But I'm still going to look for a "regular" shift. Try 3rd shift with days off in the middle of the week. Apr 2, 4.

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