Hook up electronic ballast How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring?

Hook up electronic ballast

I have been learning about fluorescent for quite some time.

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The same switching signal after attenuated by the resistor and capacitor at I was quite sensitive to the reflector design during that time, because lightings design was part of my work in my previous job. The yellows go to one end of the lamps all pins on both tombstones connect to yellow.

You may think this product is expensive. This would be great for those with Hi-Fi audio system at home.

Replace the fluorescent lights ballast in four steps.

The video clearly demostrates the starter assisting the fluorescent lamp to start up. The change in the fluorescent tube will affect the driving circuit. Older fluorescent light fixtures utilized a magnetic ballast to control the flow of electricity through the light bulbs.

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Advantage - instant lamp light up. If you bought one of the new electronic ballasts, you will have two blue wires and two red wires.

Generator - Bonded Neutral. Measurement results for my grandmother's house Living Room Setup Measurement was done at about 85cm below the center of the lamp. Unless you want to focus the lighting source to a location, you should use a christian dating site for single parents with matt white surface.

I managed to have the electronic ballast connect to my fluorescent hook up electronic ballast. With the high frequency electronics drive, it may be unnecessary.

After changing to the electronic ballast the illuminance was reduce to lux, with the AC current readin of 0. But your single bulb fixture may have only one blue wire coming from the electronic ballast connector. How to wire a replacement ballast with different wiring?

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Twist the red wire from the ballast to the red and blue wires from the lamp holders. I managed to reverse engineered the circuit, which as follows. Start by flipping off the hook breaker or unplugging the light.

Required Tools for this Project

For new lamps using the saveOne electronic ballast, the lowered illuminance was not noticable; for old lamps the brightness change was noticable. A lot of flickering is observed during the initial switched on. You may not notice any starter required for your PL lamp; in fact the starter has been built into the PL lamp tube. Connect the other blue lead to the white wires from the lamp holders.

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My scope can only accept a maximum of V. It was definately a lamp problem. Click image for larger view Other related articles: There goes my experiement. The common wire s connect to all of the lampholders on the other side of the tubes.

If I am not wrong, all the Singapore HDB flats had been changed with this same with electronic ballast lamp fittings.

Unplug the fixture or turn off the power at the main panel. All 8 foot lamps are expensive, you may get a better price at a lighting supply house.

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I was very shock and surprised when I first learned about it.