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Legal dating age in georgia, what is the age of consent in georgia?

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The time now is The state of Georgia defines the age for legal sexual consent to be 16 regardless of gender some sates have specific guidelines concerning the age difference between guy and girl. As all states have different intricacies in their laws, the information given is general only.

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View top Sex Crime lawyers in Georgia by city Evans. Post a free question on our public forum.

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If you find yourself facing a rape or statutory rape charge, have a How often do friends start dating criminal defense lawyer review your case at no charge. More questions like this.

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See all cities in Georgia. Since age of consent is Yes, even star-crossed young lovers can be prosecuted under Georgia's statutory rape law.

Now, a young 16 year old can be sexually abused or raped without consent and therefore mentally scarred, but the perpetrator can potentially walk free legal dating punishment provided the inability to supply sufficient evidence or other stipulations in court. Nope, age is the ONLY thing that is relevant.

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I already knew that the legal age in Georgia is 16 and with that respect, they can legally date. However, under the statutory rape provision, no force is required to be in violation of the law. Georgia Dating a Minor Under 18 I am a person above the age of 18, dating someone that is 16 years old turns 17 in a couple of months and I am located in Georgia.

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Have your own question? If she is over the age of consent, you cannot be charged with rape, but may still be charged with contributing to the delinqency of a minor.

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Ask a similar question. Death penaltylife in prison without parole, or minimum of 25 years in prison followed by lifetime probation.

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See all legal topics. First of age, as far as I know the legal age of consent in Georgia is 16, correct?

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As the others have stated, if she was under the age of 16, you have a problem. The Constitution is not contradictory with every new age-related law; instead it continually refers back to the establishment of an adult as the basis for many of its choices. There was no lovey dovey crap.

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A person in his or her twenties should really look for someone over 18 to date.