Amx cdc premium matchmaking FCM or CDC or other?

Amx cdc premium matchmaking

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Recruitment posts can be posted once every 45 days for any clan. Their influence is limited because these tanks lack play against higher tiers. Because the highest battle tier was removed and now tier 8s this is my experience get thrown into tier 10 battles as the lowest tank and there is only one other tier 8 in the match, followed by 2 or 3 tier 9s and the rest tier 10 tanks.

Its normal medium just like sta and CdC….

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Generally people choose the better option if they are given the choice and they understand what's going on. This… I am afraid premium matchmaking of them are new IM reward tanks. The second curve shows the performances of the tanks from 10th of October to 31st of December because it represents some tanks that simply did not exist during the 1st of September and could not be added.

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In a few weeks it can be done. And hence justifiably gets thrown into tier X games.

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It's actually very simple: Moneymaker FCM 50 12 votes [ But i have no clue how to get the testserver on a macbook. Neither is easy to learn but the CDC is better.

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That's 'mediocre' to 'pretty darn bad', in other words. Again, T Prototype WR graphs prove my point, look them up if you want.

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But I guess that won't happen, as it would mean the regular tier 8 tanks in some cases would need to get their penetration increased even more as not to be outclassed by the premiums. PM ingame if you want to plat. I love the CDC it's such a good tank and prints credits as well.

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