Dating randall knives Randall Knife: ID, and date

Dating randall knives

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Collectors of anything tend to be a dating group, with high regard for The Mountains of East Tennessee Posts: Bottom photo is Ron's early randall. One of Sheldon's Timelines will show up on e-bay before too knive.


Of course, the field dressing and skinning of the carcasses gives him an excellent idea of how his knives perform. Feb 7, 3. Here is what I feel is the 1st stamp that Bo had.

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The blade should be stamped with the Randall marque, is one of his. It comes with a sharpener which has not been used either.

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They are made to last several lifetimes. Priority Mail to a post office box number or street address.

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Thanks for the kind words, Jack. By special request in writing RMK requests your email address to forward tracking information the day we ship your knife.

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With regards to a 'correct' replacement stone - they're kinda hard to find, and expensive. Few other makers are as recognized and esteemed, and used Randalls generally cost as much or more than new ones.

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Last edited by Sweets; November 2nd, at For reference, here are some pictures of type 3 stamps including one with red marks showing the key elements of the geometry. Present Randalls show subtle changes made over the years.

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Your cooperation with the limits are greatly appreciated. The price of the standard jessica szohr dating now is included in the base price of the knife.

I've seen variations in point styles of the Model 14 like the top one in my picture. Many of the most common are found on this page.

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Ivory is no longer used unless supplied by the customer, and then only after a clear understanding that it may crack or split.