High school story dating wes Which High School Story Character Are You?

High school story dating wes

Her main skills are to do with high school story dating wes, which is reasonable as she is of the Artist clique.

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I need to get to know my team, and they need to get to know me. Wes spreads out a map of Hearst High. Wes is a Slacker who attended Twin Branches for his freshman year of high school, before being expelled and transferring to Hearst High.

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Julian - Payton - Autumn - Wes Oct 24, 4: Ezra is with an oc. Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp.

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Their relationship is mostly platonic but they have moments that might be considered romantic. I know you were solving the problem YOUR way, but it still hurt to see you with them. Oh, yeah, of course. She's the friend that's been there for you since the very beginning Autumn is shocked when someone destroys her showcase and Zoe tries to help Autumn discover who did it.

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What do you say, Wes? He lives in a run-down trailer, with few personal belongings, and insists that living alone beats the foster homes he's been in. Okay, fine, you have a point.

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In Quiz BowlWes goes to Sakura's house to prove to her that he knows all of his topics. Autumn mentions Charlotte's favorite flowers are white peonies and her mother's were orange lilies.

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I wouldn't say there are any best couples because even though I have my own opinions I know there are people who would oppose them. Behind his sly, devious smirk, Wes is always hiding something. To pull this off, everyone has to follow my instructions. Everyone looks up to him. But my dad and brother ARE a big part of my life.

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You don't need the system to validate your worth, you know who you are and anyone who doesn't like it can get out of your way. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr.

Which "High School Story" Character Are You?

We just have to keep an eye on the clock. After her mother passed away her father didn't know what do with her, so he put her in a ton of after school activities.

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I never took it too seriously and I shouldn't, this is a game. Julian - Payton - Autumn - Wes Oct 24, 5: Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. Thanks for playing, everyone.

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And that means getting into the school. After finding out the truth about Matt's crime, Wes is visibly upset with his brother and channels these emotions into their mock trial. She needs to compete against 3 people including Lindsay. Things got tough… and he ran.

Autumn Brooks

Zoe later holds an S. It seems like Autumn and Julian have the strongest attraction to each other. When I admitted Julian to my school, I didn't know that there was this romance going on between him and Autumn. So, where do we cs go matchmaking ip I hope that Pixelberry will add a new quest about their storyline Your friends admire your individuality and are also maybe a little afraid of you.